#DeanCasWeek14 End!

Alright then, now that we are sure everyone has gotten their entries in it’s time to call it a week for this year. Thank you to everyone who participated, all the work was absolutely stunning and incredibly creative and we really hope you all had fun!

Now for the giveaway winner, with the help of our randomizer this year’s winner is quillquiver! So please, send us a submit with the site of your choice, name and e-mail so you may claim the prize. 

Once again, thank you all so much for participating, we’ll be seeing you in the holidays! And here’s hoping for an exciting season finale. 

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shows up late for deancas week with a One Stormy Night AU


shows up late for deancas week with a One Stormy Night AU


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Fire and Ice (Deancas - ALTA)


Castiel looked out over the ocean, the bustling streets behind him. The ocean always captivated him. He loved the way the water moved, so flowing and powerful. Castiel wanted to be powerful.

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"The Little Mermaid" AU for DeanCasWeek with Cas as Ariel
It is my favorite Disney princess movie


"The Little Mermaid" AU for DeanCasWeek with Cas as Ariel

It is my favorite Disney princess movie

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I had no ideas for deancasweek’s animated movies theme, but I rewatched Fantasia a couple days ago and then I had to draw this - Fantasia was what made me fall in love with animation when I was just a babby ♥

(from the centaurs section of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony - this vid is kinda crappy but it’s the only one I could find)

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(for DeanCas Week - Frozen!AU)

The snowstorm falls away and in the distance, Dean can see Cas running toward him.

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totoro!tfw ~ I went on a ghibli binge cuz of this perfection and I’ve been drawing spn aus for the past two days 


totoro!tfw ~ I went on a ghibli binge cuz of this perfection and I’ve been drawing spn aus for the past two days 

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Here’s my entry for deancasweek14, sorry it’s a little late and it’s not animation, but I’m in love with this prompt- enjoy!

“That’s it for today pretty boy.”  Alastair twisted the knife in his chest for good measure before pulling it out.  As he set the bloodied blade on the counter next to him, the demon once again looked Dean in the eyes, or where his eyes should have been, and made the same offer he always did after varying levels of torture were done for the day.

"Wanna get off of this damned rack?  All you gotta do is my dirty work for me.  All of those guts get a little much sometimes.  You’ll start tomorrow I promise."

The slight southern drawl in his voice reminded Dean of someone, but he couldn’t put a face to it.  Maybe he hadn’t met them yet.  Half of his body might be sitting on the table next to him, but his brain still worked perfectly. His hand twitched, and hot, white pain shot through his mangled body.  He couldn’t see very well, the demon responsible for his torture in Hell had become nothing but a blur after he gauged his left eye out for the first time.  He could sense his presence though.  It radiated evil: pure, unfiltered evil that would have been distinguishable in a crowd of millions.  And that was where Dean was: in a crowd of millions upon millions of souls that had sold themselves for whatever they thought was worth an eternity in Hell.  At least I saved Sammy, he thought.  These idiots did nothing for anyone but themselves.

Once again he spat a no at Alastair and once again the demon left him to hang by his wrists and ankles on the rack.  Dean felt a tear slip down his face as his body magically repaired itself, prepping for another day of slaughter when the demon came back.  He thought of what new way he would dream of killing Alastair this time, if he would use holy water or Ruby’s knife.  However, as his body gave into exhaustion, he didn’t dream of Alastair.  His subconscious instead showed him an image of a huge whitish blue light storming through an army that was dwarfed in the creature’s wake.  The creature, which seemed to have wings the span of a football field, was slashing through the dark shadows in its path like it was stepping on ants.  For a brief moment, the image of the figure flashed into a man.  A dark haired man, sporting a tan trench coat that was hanging loosely off of his frame.  The man’s eyes were the same penetrating blue as the light from before, and a deadly but determined look was engraved into his features.  The man was gone in an instant, changing back to the light form that seemed out of place this far into Hell.  The light was making progress through the black masses, but was still so far away from Dean.  He could tell the light was coming for him, searching him out.  He awoke suddenly, images of his dream still dancing at his peripheral vision.
What seemed like forty years later, Dean again had the same dream.  It would come to him maybe once every ten years, and each time the man would appear for longer, each time the creature seemed to be closer.  And now, after he had all but given up hope to be saved, he could tell the creature had found him.  At night, after Alastair had left but before the shredded body on the table in front of him had gone, a black haired man in a trench coat strode up to him, breathing heavily.

"Castiel", Dean said, not entirely sure how he knew the creature’s name, but it felt like the most natural thing when it rolled off of his tongue.  The man once again changed into the enormous blue light that radiated a power and pressure and force like the ocean.  The light began to encase his body, gripping him tight and raising him from his prison.


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For DeanCas Week~ Something different tonight: A fic in which Dean Winchester learns the importance of Disney movies, Castiel is the prettiest princess, and it’s all Sam’s fault. 

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.”

                                                                                                —Lilo & Stitch 

It was Sam’s fault. The only reason Dean could not fucking think right now was because the TV in Sam’s room was currently on full blast, and Castiel was watching Tangled. 


And it was all Sam’s fault.

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for deancasweek's animation theme! <3

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